Election Victory for Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan is a Win for MN Small Businesses

For Immediate Release: 11/7/18

Contact: Corinne Horowitz, (612) 232-1655

Election Victory for Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan is a Win for MN Small Businesses  

Looking forward to working with an administration that will support MN small businesses and hold corporations accountable

ST PAUL, MN Small business owners with Main Street Alliance congratulate Governor- elect Tim Walz and Lt Governor- elect Peggy Flanagan on their historic victory against Jeff Johnson.

In his acceptance speech,  Governor elect Tim Walz spoke directly to Minnesota business owners. “If you own a business and you want to work together to reduce healthcare costs, build affordable housing, and make a difference in your communities, I will be there as your governor to make that happen.”  

Main Street Alliance co-chair KB Brown and owner of Wolfpack Promotionals responded, “Well, let’s make it happen. We are looking forward to working with the new administration on supporting small businesses by improving access to healthcare and benefit programs, as well as other initiatives that grow Main Street economies.”

“We need innovative ideas to help small businesses. Deregulation and tax cuts for corporations starve our communities and harm small businesses,” said Jason Rathe, owner of Field Outdoor Spaces and co- chair of the Main Street Alliance MN.  “We want to see the MinnesotaCare buy-in as a path towards a single-payer system, paid family and medical leave, statewide earned sick and safe time, and more funding for childcare and infrastructure.  We welcome solutions to the labor shortage in our state.”

“As we look ahead to 2019, both newly elected officials and those who held their seats should remember the important role Main Street businesses play in our country. Small businesses are at the heart of successful communities and help build a strong local and national economy by creating secure, well-paid jobs. Tonight’s results demonstrate widespread support among small business owners and the general public for policies that strengthen our economy,” said Corinne Horowitz, MN State Director of the Main Street Alliance.

Main Street business owners were also relieved that voters have clearly pushed back against racism, hate and divisive politics in this election.

We have elected candidates who will fight for our diverse community and for American values of inclusion,” said Danny Schwartzman, owner of Common Roots Cafe. “This is a core value for us, but it’s also a business issue. We are supporting our employees, our customers, and our community, many of whom are under attack by the Trump administration and their allies.”

Our elected officials should seize this opportunity to improve our policies around paid family and medical leave, health care, taxes, immigration, and more, which in turn will create a level playing field for businesses of every size and strengthen local economies across the country.”

Main Street Alliance Minnesota small business members are available to speak to the press about what this election means to them and our Main Street economy.   



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