Our Mission

Michigan Small Business Alliance works to provide small businesses a voice on the most pressing public policy issues in Michigan and nationally. Our advocacy promotes vibrant businesses and healthy communities, and fosters leadership development of socially responsible business leaders.

What We Do

  • Research and Publish reports illustrating how policies effect real-life business owners

  • Testify before Congress, state legislators, and local city councils and commissions

  • Media Events such as press conferences, rallies and “reality tours” of small businesses

  • Speakers Bureau of small business owners for special events and interviews with press

  • Celebrate small business owners making a difference in our community


Michigan Small Business Alliance strategically advocates for issues of concern to small business owners and the community; we help our members to be more effective businesses and socially responsible community members.

  • We provide members with information regarding government action, community trends, and broader economic and scientific information that impact business viability

  • We enable and encourage the open exchange of ideas, beliefs and information expertise among members, providing members with training and learning activities

  • We collaborate with other organizations and government officials to promote small business and community concerns

  • We promote social policies and business practices that guarantee access to high quality health, education, housing, infrastructure, clean environment, and public safety

  • We lead efforts to promote innovative business and legislative approaches that address societal inequalities and disparities

  • We take long- term committed positions and action on issues that directly impact business viability and the well being of the community


Current Campaigns

Quality Jobs

Earned Paid Sick TimeFor nearly 2 million people working in Michigan losing a day’s pay, or their job, is as easy as catching a cold. But allowing everyone working in Michigan to earn paid sick time helps businesses keep workplaces healthier, reduces turnover, and improves productivity. Plus, employees who earn paid sick days recover faster from illnesses, get timely medical care and rely less on emergency room care, cutting health care costs. And with more money in their pockets to buy essentials, they support the local economy. A common sense standard for paid sick days is good for business and the economy, good for public health, and good for Michigan families.

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For more information contact: michigan@mainstreetalliance.org


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