Main Street Business Owners to Congress: Vote NO on Fast Track!

11146281_10153142995217221_1298134789650759162_nToday, small business owners across the country are calling on their House Representatives to Vote NO on Fast Track. In Oregon, Main Street business owners recently met with Congresswoman Bonamici's office in Beaverton and delivered a clear message: “Say NO to Fast Tracking the TPP!”
20150529_105048_resizedMany gathered in front of City Hall, yet Congresswoman Bonamici did not go downstairs to meet with the group. Business owners and community members rallied for about 30 minutes and headed up to her office. Representative from the rally politely entered City Hall, and went to deliver their message to her staff because the Congresswoman would not meet with them face-to-face.
Patty Katz, an Organizer with The Main Street Alliance of Oregon, delivered a copy of an Op-Ed from Mark Kellenbeck, Co-Chair of The Main Street Alliance of Oregon and Co-owner of BrainJoy, LLC in Medford. The Congresswoman was asked what happen to change her mind about standing up for small business and Oregonians as a whole.
The group asked, “What is in it for Oregonians? Why does Congresswoman Bonamici support the TPP?” 
Congresswoman Bonamici’s staff were cordial to the group, and over 25 delivered different letters and other documents all with the same requests: “Say NO to Fast Tracking the TPP!”