Main Street Alliance's Bill Daley and Rep. Keith Ellison Speak Out for the Unemployed

Bipartisan legislation designed to renew emergency unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed passed the Senate in April, but was called 'unworkable' by Speaker Boehner and has not been heard from since in the House.

Over 3 million unemployed individuals have lost benefits.

Beginning June 7th, advocates for the unemployed and sympathetic members of Congress have gathered for 'Witness Wednesdays,' to bring attention to inaction on this issue and to share stories from those who are suffering personal economic problems because of evaporating family incomes.

On Wednesday, June 23rd, Main Street Alliance D.C. lobbyist Bill Daley represented the Alliance for a Just Society and the Main Street Alliance, speaking out on the importance of unemployment insurance to the economy and to small businesses; he shared a story from a New Jersey man named Dermott.


Witness Wednesdays are organized by the Center for Effective Government. You can watch the entire event, chaired by Representative Keith Ellison, on their YouTube account or above.