MacArthur and Trump: No clarity or honesty

MSA NJ small business owner, Dan Preston on health care & small business. Originally posted as a Letter to the Editor on November 2, 2018 in Burlington County Times.

MacArthur and Trump: No clarity or honesty

As a small-business owner and manager, I have learned to make careful choices about my business. Like other owners, I prefer to make my choices with as much certainty and clarity as possible, especially when it comes to regulations and laws that affect our economy and our health care system.

So when my congressman, Republican Tom MacArthur, misrepresents the legislation and policies he supports, I’m very concerned. Especially because MacArthur seems to take a page from his ally and party leader, President Donald Trump. Both MacArthur and Trump lie about the laws and policies they stand for. And that should make business owners who have to make important business decisions nervous.

In a recent op-ed, Trump claimed he has fought for pre-existing conditions, as did MacArthur when he debated his political opponent Andy Kim on Wednesday night. But the truth is MacArthur brokered the legislative deal favored by Trump and the GOP that almost killed the Affordable Care Act, which prevents people with pre-existing conditions from being charged more or denied health insurance.

A successful repeal would have thrown more than 130 million Americans, and about 4 million New Jerseyans with pre-existing conditions, under the bus. And the Trump administration currently backs a federal lawsuit that would have also stripped protections from these same people. When you say one thing but do something else, that does not help business confidence.

Dishonesty and distortion are not helpful to small-business owners. We wear multiple hats because we often don’t have teams of managers or employees we can rely on. We prize clarity in legislation and policy, and honesty in terms of the people with deal with. I haven’t seen that with Trump or MacArthur on health care.

Dan Preston

Bordentown City


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