H.R. 1101 hurts small businesses' health care

Main Street Alliance small business owners oppose the "Small Business Health Fairness Act" (H.R. 1101). 



One piece of legislation making its way through the House, H.R. 1101, would undermine the gains of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that benefited millions of small business owners and their employees. 

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, small business owners paid substantially more on average for health coverage and received fewer comprehensive benefits than larger companies. They also experienced broad unpredictability in costs, with premiums varying wildly from year to year. One employee’s expensive illness could cause the insurance rates for the whole firm to spike in subsequent years. Critical market reforms instituted through the ACA addressed many of these concerns. 

But H.R. 1101 weakens the protections of the ACA by allowing small employer groups and individuals to join together to obtain health insurance through an unregulated association health plan (AHP). The 

The bill would also destabilize the small group and individual market by exacerbating adverse selection, driving up costs for the most vulnerable enrollees, and could ultimately expose employers and employees to financial ruin.   

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