Contact: Corinne Horowitz


For Release: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Contact: Corinne Horowitz


Minneapolis, MN --  Minnesota small businesses today called attention to the devastating impact the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will have on small businesses if the bill passes the Senate in coming days and repeals the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Businesses say the AHCA will not only take away health care from 23 million people, but also will be a drag on small businesses and the economy in many ways –  from killing jobs and decimating state budgets to discouraging entrepreneurship, growth, and hiring.

"The repeal of the ACA will have a serious impact on job-creation and economic growth in the United States. The vast majority of jobs in the U.S. are created by small business - many with fewer than 20 employees.” said Rob Skarlett, owner of Medical Equipment Exporters Inc in Lino Lakes. “The majority of exporters of manufactured goods are small businesses, as well; and lack of access to affordable healthcare puts the majority of American businesses at a tremendous competitive disadvantage."

The AHCA also makes health insurance more expensive and less attainable for many small business owners and their employees. Premiums will spike 20 percent in 2018 alone, and a drastic $839 billion cut to Medicaid, which covers millions of small business workers, would blow a hole in state budgets, including Minnesota’s.

This would prove particularly harmful for the newly insured 4 millionsmall business owners, employees, and self-employed entrepreneurs who have gained access to affordable coverage under the ACA.

“Like many small businesses, I was able to leave a big firm to start my own practice after the ACA was passed.  There are a huge number of small business who would not have gotten started without it.”  said Davis Senseman, owner of Davis Law Office. “When people think about Medicaid, they often think of people who aren’t working, are underemployed or disabled.  The reality is, entrepreneurs have been able to leave big companies and get their businesses off the ground without worrying about health care.  Within a few years, these businesses go from one to a few to dozens of employees.  To take away Medicaid expansion would be devastating.”

“When my wife and I started our company, we also had a baby girl. If we had not been covered by MN Care, which is the equivalent of Medicaid, at least one of us would have had to keep a full time job with health care coverage and we would have never gotten our current successful small business off the ground.” said Todd Mikkelson, owner of in Orono.“We currently have our plan to hire two more employees on hold because we’re uncertain of the health care situation right now.  My Representative, Erik Paulsen, has an opportunity to show the courage to set aside party politics and vote no when the AHCA returns to the House."  

The Republican plan rolls back the most important protections for people with preexisting conditions, returns us to the time when small business owners paid more for less coverage, will cause widespread uninsurance, cost millions of jobs and starve state budgets” said Congressman Keith Ellison. “All to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and drug and insurance corporations”


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