Investments, Not Tax Cuts

Dear Senator/Representative,

We, the undersigned business owners, urge you to oppose any tax package which cuts funding for vital services, like healthcare and education, which keep our communities healthy and thriving. When the communities we rely on are strong, our businesses succeed. Smart public investment in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and social programs stabilizes our communities, keeps families together, and ensures we have a well-educated workforce with enough disposable income to spend money at our businesses.

We are concerned about the President’s and Congress’s plans to cut Medicare, Medicaid and other economy-boosting programs in order to give massive tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations. To be clear, cutting trillions from vital services like Medicare, Medicaid, education, infrastructure, housing, and food assistance to give corporate tax cuts is not what small businesses like ours need to create jobs and help stimulate our local economies.

Small business owners need more customers to drive job creation, not tax cuts. Our neighbors are our customers, and we need them to be financially stable, healthy, and safe in order to keep spending their hard earned pay in our businesses.

Instead of more tax breaks for multinational corporations that offshore our jobs, we call on you to invest in American jobs and our communities. When the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share in taxes, our country has the revenue we need to invest in rebuilding our roads and bridges, making college affordable, providing access to quality and affordable healthcare, researching new medical cures, and ensuring a secure retirement for seniors — measures that will help working families and make our economy stronger for generations to come.

Support small businesses, our families and entire communities. We urge you to oppose any tax package which cuts funding for Medicare, Medicaid and other economy-boosting programs and dismantles protections for basic living standards for our neighbors and communities.


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