The Main Street Alliance is working with allies in Idaho to create more economy-boosting jobs. We know that strong investment in our employees is the smartest investment in our businesses. Our employees are our neighbors’ customers, and their employees are ours–when everyone in our communities can afford to live, our businesses and economy thrive!

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Recent News

Business is (Baby) Booming

While corporate CEOs are pressuring Congress to cut Social Security and Medicare as part of a so-called "Grand Bargain" to reduce the debt, small business owners say that cuts to Social Security and Medicare would be devastating to small businesses across the country. A new series of reports from the... [Read more]

Foxes Guarding the Hen House on Health Care? No, Thanks!

Main Street Alliance affiliates are fighting to make sure new state health insurance exchanges are designed to work in the best interest of small businesses, not insurance companies. As part of these efforts, our affiliate in Idaho launched this video highlighting how insurance interests dominate the committees making decisions about... [Read more]

Small Business Owners Aren’t Buying the Anti-Regulatory Hype

The House of Representatives is expected to consider a bill shortly that would bring about a major overhaul of rule-making processes that set rules for the financial sector, public health and environmental standards, workplace healthy and safety, and other public safeguards. The Regulatory Accountability Act (or RAA) is being promoted... [Read more]

Take Action Against Mandatory E-Verify

(En espanol) Mandatory E-Verify would be bad for businesses, bad for the workforce, and bad for the country's bottom line. Business owners and business groups across the country are taking action to make their voices heard on this issue. If you're a small business owner, click here to read and... [Read more]

Main Street Alliance Responds to Proposed Idaho Healthcare Exchange Legislation

During the last Insurance Exchange Meeting on June 27, 2011, draft legislation for an Idaho Health Insurance Exchange was presented for stakeholder input and comment. The Idaho Main Street Alliance has the following concerns with the draft legislation and its compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  ... [Read more]

Idaho Main Street Alliance member Dave Silva: “Say no to insurance representatives on the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Governing Board.”

Idaho Main Street Alliance member Dave Silva, owner of Automated Office Solutions in Boise had a letter to the editor  published in the Idaho Statesman on July 18, 2011.  Click here to read the Letter to the Editor. [Read more]

Small Businesses Send Letter to Washington on Jobs and Revenue

Idaho Main Street Alliance members delivered a letter to Idaho Congressmen Labrador and Simpson urging them to focus on job creation and revenue building amidst the federal debt ceiling talks. Click here here to download a PDF copy of the Letter. Click here to read the FOX 12 News story.... [Read more]

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