Health Care Stories

Small business owners and our employees need access to affordable, quality health care.


Here are some personal stories from Main Street. Click here to share yours.


Randy Ellis, owner of Randy Now's Man Cave in Bordentown, New Jersey

I'm Randy Ellis and I'm the owner of ​Randy Now's​ Man Cave in Bordentown, New Jersey. We sell records, CDs, ​sodas and snacks, ​and many other items, as well as hosting live musical events. In the very near future, I'm going to have to look for a healthcare plan on the Affordable Care Act exchange. Repealing the ACA now would be devastating to me, and to many other business owners who rely on it for ​current ​health insurance.


Sarah McEwan, owner of Mimosa Goods in Bordentown, New Jersey

I'm the owner of Mimosa Goods in Bordentown. We sell apparel, jewelry, bath products, toys, makeup and other items that do good and are good for you.  As a small business owner, I need other small business owners on main street to succeed. That means ensuring they don't have to make a choice between choosing a job just to get health benefits and pursuing their passion.  By providing affordable health insurance, the Affordable Care Act gives entrepreneurs the freedom to create and pursue their dreams.


Rita Kaur, owner of Ravi Sweets in Kent, Washington

My name is Rita Kaur, I came to the United States in 1988, and moved to Seattle in 1992. As with many immigrants, I had the goal of supporting my family through entrepreneurship. I have been a small business owner in the Puget Sound region for more than twenty years. Given the incredible costs associated with healthcare premiums and deductibles, I went without medical coverage.

The first time my husband and I were able to access health insurance was after the 2009 passage of the Affordable Care Act. The security of this safety net allowed my husband and I the peace of mind that we never had before. I am very fearful of the changes President Trump and Congress are seeking in healthcare. I have high blood pressure and my husband requires dialysis due to kidney failure, and also suffers from complications due to cardiovascular problems.

As small business owners, we have experienced firsthand the consequences of needing medical care without insurance. Before the ACA, costs were so high for our healthcare that we had to file medical bankruptcy and close our first business, Ravi Sweets. Since then, we have opened Ravi Video & Grocery. Losing our healthcare now through the ACA would be another financial catastrophe.