Hate Has No Business in Faribault, MN



50 miles south of the Twin Cities lies Faribault, Minnesota, a town with a population of 23,352, some of which are taking a stand against hateful and bigoted political dialogue.

On a Main Street that features a fancy cupcake shop, a brew pub, and two newly opened clothing stores, you will find Vohs Floors, owned by Ann and Karl Vohs, and opened in 1946. The Vohs have lived in Faribault and have served their community for over 50 years. They’ve seen countless business come and go, and they’ve seen communities shaped and strengthened by immigrants and refugees.


The Abduille's own Kulmiye Mini Market and are part of a strong Somali refugee community, and their family-owned market contributes to the diversity and opportunity that makes Faribault, and America, great. Faribault’s economy relies on the hardworking new Americans who patron local businesses like Vohs Floors and Kulmiye Market. Faribault isn’t a place where fear and anger is directed towards the refugee communities, and it’s not a place where hate is allowed to pervade.

Many of the town’s residents and members of it's business community are using this moment in our national political conversation to take a stand against the forces of hate and bigotry that loom like a black cloud over our country. 

In the spirit of inclusion, small business owners like the Voh's and the Absuille's are posting Hate Has No Business Here signs in their storefronts to send the clear message to the communities on which their businesses rely--all are welcome in Faribault and hate has no business here.