GOP "Skinny Bill" Does Not Achieve The Scope or Scale Needed to Support Small Business

On the release of the Senate Republican’s “skinny” COVID package today, Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance, Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“The GOP’s “skinny bill” simply does not achieve the scope or scale of relief needed to prevent large scale small business failure in COVID-impacted small business sectors.

Congress needs to come together to pass real legislation to address the core of the crisis, not short-term, piecemeal, pet policies that continue to cause confusion and will ultimately harm small businesses. Since the beginning of this crisis, Main Street small business owners have demanded a response designed to respond to the severity and potential duration of this crisis. There is still time to set our country on a path to recovery.  As recovery falters, the pace of jobs are coming back slower and slower. There are still nearly 30 million people on some kind of jobless aid. Consumer confidence continues to nosedive as budgets tighten after over a month of expired pandemic unemployment benefits. Small businesses need a comprehensive set of programs that support them for the long term.”