The Main Street Alliance is working with allies in Florida to create more economy-boosting jobs. We know that strong investment in our employees is the smartest investment in our businesses. Our employees are our neighbors’ customers, and their employees are ours–when everyone in our communities can afford to live, our businesses and economy thrive!

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Recent News

Small Business Wins With Fair-Chance Hiring

Forty years ago Main Street Alliance of Florida member Charles McKinney made a mistake. A mistake he was reminded of every time he had to answer 'yes' on the criminal conviction question on job applications.Now the owner of Trinity Laundry in Eatonville, Charles supports local efforts to remove the criminal conviction... [Read more]

Keeping felons from earning a living doesn't make us safer, only poorer

OpEd by Paul Heroux, originally published by The Guardian on March 31, 2015I have a lot of titles in my life. I am a husband, father, college graduate, former corporate and small business employee, and retired small business owner. The list is long, and I am proud of it. In... [Read more]

Florida Small Business Owners: Ban The Box!

The Main Street Alliance of Florida took part in the Volusia County Action Assembly Monday evening at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach. The event was organized by Daytona Beach based group Fighting Against Injustice Toward Harmony (FAITH), an interfaith community organization that works to identify and address the root causes... [Read more]

Florida Business Owners Support Fair Hiring Legislation

Main Street Florida Leader Paul Heroux providing comment to the Daytona City CommissionMain Street Alliance of Florida members travelled to Daytona Beach Wednesday night to join in a presentation to the Daytona City Commission on ‘ban the box’ legislation. The legislation would remove the question, “Have you ever been convicted... [Read more]

Florida’s Medicaid system fails children and local pharmacy owners

A federal judge recently ruled that Florida’s health system violated Medicaid laws when it comes to providing care for disabled and impoverished children. Judge Adalberto Jordan found the care provided through the insurance program for the poor failed to “promote quality of care or equal access” for kids.This ruling came... [Read more]

"This Small Business Votes": New Campaign Helps Drive Increase in Turnout

Recent Florida election results have relied on three things; turnout, turnout, and turnout. Engaging low propensity voters is essential in carrying the momentum built during the 2012 Presidential election, and achieving progress in areas important to small business owners. Minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, Medicaid expansion, and corporate... [Read more]

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Florida Leaders Hear Concerns of Main Street Members

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made a stop in Orlando on her way to Puerto Rico joining Congressman Alan Grayson and several community leaders for the Working Women Town Hall. The town hall was co-sponsored by the Main Street Alliance of Florida and focused on the principles of When Women... [Read more]

Over 100 Florida Small Business Owners Agree: Vote Locally

Emma’s Homestyle Cookin’ supporting Vote Local The Main Street Alliance of Florida is proud to announce we’ve reached the 100-member mark on the Vote Local campaign.  Over 100 small business owners in Orange County, Florida have placed posters in their shop encouraging customers to take part in the local elections... [Read more]

Business is (Baby) Booming

While corporate CEOs are pressuring Congress to cut Social Security and Medicare as part of a so-called "Grand Bargain" to reduce the debt, small business owners say that cuts to Social Security and Medicare would be devastating to small businesses across the country. A new series of reports from the... [Read more]

MSA Leaders Weigh in on ACA Ruling, Highlight How Health Law is Helping Small Businesses

Small business leaders from the Main Street Alliance and our state affiliates weighed in and framed the debate in press coverage of the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act. MSA small business leaders shared concrete, personal stories of how the law is helping their businesses and what small... [Read more]

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