Minneapolis Mayoral & Council Candidate Questionnaire

Small business owners are interested in electing candidates for local and state office who will work hard to eliminate racial equity gaps in our city, create reasonable workplace standards, and drive entrepreneurship.

We want to hear creative ideas of how elected officials can build the kind of economy that is good for both small businesses and our employees.

We want to know how candidates will work with small businesses in their ward, involve small businesses in policy conversations, as well as commit to both proactive outreach and enforcement for laws already on the books.

Small business members of Main Street Alliance Minnesota are also concerned about the actions of the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Council, and their leadership to funnel corporate profits into influencing the upcoming elections in Minneapolis.

The legislative agenda pushed by big business lobbyists would seek to undo the work that small businesses have accomplished with our communities by pushing for the pre-emption of laws passed in Minneapolis. They also lobby to cut taxes for the wealthiest Minnesotans and most profitable corporations instead of investing in our communities.  That is not a small business agenda.

To help Minneapolis small businesses determine who they should support in the upcoming election, we asked Mayoral and City Council candidates a few questions about the real issues small business owners care about.  



2017 Minneapolis Candidate Questionnaire

We sent the following questions to City Council and Mayor candidates through email addresses provided on their websites. We sent follow up emails to candidates who did not respond to the first request. 

1. Describe how you see the small business climate in your ward.

2. There are great disparities between minority owned and white businesses in Minneapolis.  Entrepreneurs and businesses of color face disparate challenges in everything from access to credit to navigating city licenses and regulations. What policies do you think are needed to increase minority and immigrant owned business ownership and success?

3. Will you support incubator spaces and affordable commercial space for small businesses?

4. Will you support the work of the new small business team in Minneapolis?

5. Cities can do many things to support locally owned businesses.  What ideas do you have to support locally owned businesses in Minneapolis?

6. What work have you done in your career to date to support locally owned businesses?

7. Would you support strong proactive outreach to businesses to inform them about earned sick and safe time, minimum wage, and other labor regulations?

Here's how they responded...

Mayoral Race

Ward 1 City Council Race

Ward 3 City Council Race 

Ward 4 City Council Race

Ward 5 City Council Race

Ward 6 City Council Race

Ward 7 City Council Race

Ward 8 City Council Race

Ward 9 City Council Race

Ward 10 City Council Race

Ward 11 City Council Race

Ward 12 City Council Race





Twin Cities Mayoral Digital Forum 2017  - Shared Sustainable Prosperity

MetroIBA Public Policy Committee & OneMN.org coordinated the #TCMDF17, asking mayoral candidates in St Paul and Minneapolis provide a video outlining how they would create shared sustainable prosperity through their administrative actions, policy development with city council and other governmental partners, and develop ideas with the community itself.  

Check out the video responses here

#TCMDF17 is a partnership of the MetroIBA Public Policy Committee along with OneMN.org, Minnesota Metro Chapter – National Forum for Black Public AdministratorsBlack Women RisingCommon Cause of MinnesotaEverybody InMain Street AllianceHarrison Neighborhood Association (Minneapolis), St. Anthony Park Community Council (St Paul), Alliance for Sustainability.





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