DC Restaurateur Doron Petersan Speaks in Support of Paid Family Leave

As Councilmembers consider a Paid Family and Medical Leave policy for the District, D.C.'s "cupcake queen" extends her support to the measure that she says will help her business and improve the lives of her employees. 


Doron Petersan owns Sticky Fingers vegan bakery in Columbia Heights and Farewell, a bakery, diner and bar on H Street. Today, the two-time winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars stepped out of the bakery and spoke as a member of the DMV Small Business Alliance (a project of Main Street Alliance) in support of a Paid Family and Medical Leave policy for D.C. Doron told the crowd of around 100 that as a small business owner she knows her employees and business will benefit from a Paid Family and Medical Leave policy, particularly from one funded by small contributions to an insurance pool.

“Paid Family Leave is a benefit that everyone should have access to, regardless of the size of their employer,” she said. “Policy that understands the demand for employees to balance time between their careers and their families makes good business sense. When we as employers can meet the needs of our staff and their families, we can attract and retain a talented and committed workforce that will grow our businesses.”

Doron was joined by a dozen other speakers who spoke to the need and impact of time off to recover from illness, care for a sick loved one, or welcome a new baby to the home. Doron was in a unique position to speak as both a business owner whose employees would benefit from the policy and as an individual who would personally benefit from access to the protections. In DC, the pooled insurance fund could be used by small business owners, too.

“I am someone whose business plan reflects my values,” Doron continued, “health, wellness, and social responsibility top my list of priorities, right alongside turning a profit and creating more jobs. An insurance pool funded Paid Family Leave policy allows more small and micro-businesses to live their values and match the offerings of their larger competitors and helps level the playing field for the shops and restaurants on Main Street.”

With a paid leave policy on the books, one funded by employer contributions of just 1 percent of payroll, DC businesses will have the opportunity to provide a benefit that helps employees, businesses, and the community. “Policy that is socially conscious and cost effective is a no-brainer for small business owners in the District. I urge lawmakers and my fellow entrepreneurs to work together to build a stronger local business climate and heed the call for Paid Family and Medical Leave,” said Doron.