Daughter of Auto Shop Owners Speaks on Supreme Court Steps, Tells Story of Family Business

Helen Dally, whose parents own an auto repair shop in Oregon, spoke at a press conference on March 27 outside the Supreme Court, sharing how the Affordable Care Act is helping her get health coverage and helping her family’s business. Her parents’ auto shop is benefiting from lower premiums and a new tax credit thanks to the ACA, calling into question a challenge to the health law from a group that claims to be “the voice of small business.”

“The Affordable Care Act has thrown my parents’ business a lifeline,” Dally said. “Last year, instead of a double digit increase, their premiums went DOWN 3 percent. Plus, they qualified for the ACA’s small business tax credit – and got a credit of $12,900. My dad says the Affordable Care Act is ‘like a time machine’– rewinding their health insurance costs to what they paid in 2007.”

“The Supreme Court should protect these benefits and uphold the law,” Dally added. “As my parents say, we can’t afford to go back to a system that stacks the deck against small businesses. We’ve got to move forward. By upholding the law, the Court will allow small business owners to focus on what they do best – things like fixing cars and creating jobs – and it will allow their children, like me, to pursue our dreams.”

Click here for audio of Helen sharing her story.
Click here for a printed copy of Helen’s remarks.

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  • Erik Gonzalez
    commented 2016-04-29 00:16:56 -0700
    Wow sounds like your family business got some real help! I definitely agree that we must move forward with our small businesses. I myself just opened up an <a href=“”http://www.eeeautoservice.com/“>http://www.eeeautoservice.com/”>Auto Repair in Tracy CA</a> and I look forward to seeking for help in getting it off the ground!

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