Continued Republican Resistance to COVID relief puts Small Businesses at Risk

On the continued Republican resistance to COVID relief, Campaigns Director for the Main Street Alliance Cynthia Ward Wikstrom had this to say:

“As nomination hearings start today for the Supreme Court vacancy it is clear Senate Republicans have chosen dismantling health care, during a pandemic, as their priority over saving small businesses. Over one third of small businesses are at risk of permanent closure by the end of year if no additional COVID relief comes through.

According to a new scientific poll of 600 small business owners conducted by Main Street Alliance with Lake Research Partners, over 80 percent of small business owners are concerned that health care prices are too high and that drug companies are overcharging for prescription drugs. With health care on the line with the new Supreme Court nomination, dismantling health care will make these issues even worse. When small businesses are scrambling for support, Senate Republicans intend to kick them while they are down.  

Given Republicans are holding up COVID relief in part over a red line on corporate immunity - we must reiterate that this is not what small businesses want, and in fact would put them at a disadvantage. To hold up an essential relief package for large corporate interests, and a Supreme Court seat, exemplifies how the Senate and McConnell in particular have abandoned small businesses and the American people.”


Full poll results can be received by contacting Sarah Crozier -, 303-868-9600

More results will be released during a press call on Thursday, October 15th- RSVP to with questions you would like covered and to receive the recording.