Call Congress Today at 866-426-2631 and Say "Protect Our Health Care!"



Thanks for signing the letter to Congress. Now please take a minute to give your Congressional Representative a call and tell them to "protect our health care." 

Call your Senators & Representatives at 866-426-2631 

You'll enter your zip code and in seconds you'll be connected to your member of Congress. Tell their office to reject efforts to upend our health care system and to act in the best interest of Main Street small business owners and the communities we serve. 

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  • Christopher F.
    Unfortunately, the que takes me to the wrong Congressman, even though the correct zip was punched in. What end is this problem on?
  • Diane Marie
    Protect the middle class, the poor and sick. If you care about ALL Americans, protect our health care!
  • lionel geltman
    Call Congress Today at 866-426-2631 and Say "Protect Our Care!"
  • Ann H. Kazarian, MD
    Sadly, after I had reached the office of my Representative, successive attempts to reach my Senators landed me in the office of another of my State’s Representatives. However, I was, in turn, transferred to my Senators’ offices by that Representative’s staff person.
  • Chris Schroder
    Called, but was connected only to our Democratic Senator, who supports the ACA. Was not connected to the Republican Senator from Ohio nor to the Republican Congressman who really needs to hear our protests.
  • Lawrence Carson
    Democracy is not a spectators sport. Stay involved and defend what others have died for.
  • Douglas Baker
    I phoned and there was quickly connected to my Indiana senator. This is a great initiative!
  • Jule Monnens
    Only ever got a busy signal, so I emailed my reps. I also read an article that said phone calls an easily dismissed, but they are obligated to respond to emails — there’s a paper trail in other words.
  • Cheryl Patterson
    I called and repeated my concerns as outlined above. It took 2 phone calls, one a hang up and one a long wait.
  • Elizabeth Mullin
    Called and was connected to my Maine Republican Senator, left a detailed message. I urge everyone to also followup with your other elected officials from your state. It is extremely easy to Google them and obtain phone numbers of both their offices, both local and in DC.
  • Myriam Ramsey
    Call Congress Today at 866-426-2631 and Say "Protect Our Care!"
  • Elisabeth Wall
    Call Congress Today at 866-426-2631 and Say "Protect Our Care!"
  • Bonnie Magnuson
    Call Congress Today at 866-426-2631 and Say "Protect Our Care!"
  • Rob Last
    This is a great initiative but I was connected to my Democratic Senator’s line instead of Republican Representative. I will do this manually in the future.
  • Lesley Freed
    Called and was connected to my congressman’s line supposedly but then it rang several times and hung up. Zip 19707