Pass-Through Loopholes Provide a Windfall to Wealthy Tax Avoiders, not Main Street

Through backroom deals and a vote in the dark of the night, Senate Republicans passed their version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA) last week.  They only provided Democrats with the revised bill, which contained significant changes from the previous draft, hours before the vote, complete with handwritten edits that ran off the pages.  One of the eleventh-hour changes was a reduction in the pass-through rate.

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Measure 101 offers real growth for Oregon small businesses

Ballot Measure 101 offers real growth for Oregon small businesses - not tax cuts.

I am just one of tens of thousands of small business owners who struggle to obtain and keep affordable, high-quality healthcare. I work a second job in a public school to access the healthcare my family and I need. Healthcare is the elephant in the room for my business, my employees, and my community.

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Small businesses respond to the increased pass-through deduction in Senate tax bill

In response to Senate Republicans increasing the deduction for pass-through businesses from 17.4% to 23% in the negotiations over the Senate tax bill, Amanda Ballantyne, National Director of the Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business owners, released the following statement:


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More than 1,500 Small Business Owners Deliver Letter to Congress Opposing the GOP Tax Bill

Hours ahead of a critical vote in the Senate, more than 1,500 small business owners from around the country delivered a letter to Capitol Hill opposing the Republican tax bill, calling instead for strong investment in communities and healthcare.

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TAX PRESS CALL: Sen. Wyden & small businesses on tax bill

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 

Angela Simaan |

Ahead of vote, Senator Ron Wyden and small business owners discuss Senate tax bill 

WASHINGTON, DC -- Ahead of the expected vote in the Senate, Senator Ron Wyden, Ranking Member on the Senate Finance Committee, will join small business owners from Oregon, Arizona, Maine, and Iowa for a press conference by phone. Discussion will focus on the long and short-term impacts of the tax bill for small businesses and their communities.

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Pass-Through Tax Cuts? Not for me!

Don’t believe the hype. The GOP’s proposed “tax reform” Is not going to help small business owners like me. Just the opposite.



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Small Business Speak Out Against House Tax Cut Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Main Street Alliance Small business owners across the country are voicing their opposition to H.R. 1, the House tax bill that passed today:

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Sen. Warren, small business owners say: Stop pretending tax plan helps small business

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Main Street Alliance small business owners held a joint event at the Center for American Progress today called “Small businesses and America can’t afford the Republican Tax Deal.”

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Not my cup of joe

The Trump administration says it’s trying to help business owners like me. But in fact the opposite is true.


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Small Businesses and America Can’t Afford the Republican Tax Deal

The House Republican tax plan will hurt America’s small businesses. While giant corporations receive huge tax giveaways under the House Republican plan, the vast majority of American small businesses get nothing, making it even harder for them to compete. Meanwhile, the plan would explode the national debt, giving congressional Republicans an excuse to slash key investments in infrastructure, education, and critical programs such as Medicare and Medicaid—placing even more strain on communities and the small businesses that serve them. Small business owners need strong public investments in their communities, which help create resilient and sustainable local economies that enable small businesses to thrive.


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