NEW REPORT: Nearly half of Minnesotans struggle to afford health care, 79% are worried about costs

NEW REPORT: Nearly half of Minnesotans struggle to afford health care, 79% are worried about costs

Small business owners call for the MinnesotaCare Buy-In

ST. PAUL, MN — It’s no secret that health care is a top concern for Minnesotans. Nearly half of Minnesotans (47%) have faced hardships due to the high cost of health care. new report by the Healthcare Value Hub reveals how severely health care costs are affecting Minnesotans across the state. Minnesotans report going uninsured due to costs, delaying or foregoing care, and being unable to pay medical bills. The vast majority adults in the state (79%) are worried about affording health care in the future.

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Texas v. Azar Decision Continues Republican Attack on Health Care and the Success of Small Businesses

Small businesses fear losing critical access to health care

Washington, DC – In response to the federal judge’s decision in the Texas v. Azar case, Main Street Alliance National Director Amanda Ballantyne released the following statement:

Affordable, comprehensive health care is vital to small businesses, which is why the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been central to so many Main Street success stories. The Texas v. Azar decision is a threat not only to the millions of people living with pre-existing conditions but also to small business owners struggling to provide their employees and families with affordable care.

“In the midterm elections, small business owners joined millions of others to vote in a new Congress with a clear mandate: make quality health care affordable for every person in the country. But Republicans have continued their attacks on the ACA. The president and GOP have primed the Supreme Court, where this suit will likely be heard, with the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh, who has a history of siding with big insurance and drug corporations over Main Street businesses and people in need.

“Main Street Alliance and the small businesses owners that make up our network are calling on our newly elected officials to protect people with pre-existing conditions and deliver affordable care to all.”


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Shop Your Values Spotlight: Adeline Wright, Owner of Adeline, Inc., Duluth, MN

In the Spring of 2018, Duluth became the 20th city (or 32nd jurisdiction) to pass earned sick and safe time ordinance so that all workers could have paid time off to care for their families and health. This ordinance passed in no small part due to the advocacy of small business owners like Adeline Wright, owner of Adeline Inc. Salon.

Adeline supported the ordinance at council meetings, public events and in TV news interviews, challenging the opposition of Grandmas’ franchise and other big businesses. She led Duluth small businesses to fight for the best possible policy to pass. After it passed, Adeline hosted an event for businesses to learn about the new law and how to implement it sooner than the city’s mandate of 2020.

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Election Victory for Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan is a Win for MN Small Businesses

For Immediate Release: 11/7/18

Contact: Corinne Horowitz, (612) 232-1655

Election Victory for Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan is a Win for MN Small Businesses  

Looking forward to working with an administration that will support MN small businesses and hold corporations accountable

ST PAUL, MN Small business owners with Main Street Alliance congratulate Governor- elect Tim Walz and Lt Governor- elect Peggy Flanagan on their historic victory against Jeff Johnson.

In his acceptance speech,  Governor elect Tim Walz spoke directly to Minnesota business owners. “If you own a business and you want to work together to reduce healthcare costs, build affordable housing, and make a difference in your communities, I will be there as your governor to make that happen.”  

Main Street Alliance co-chair KB Brown and owner of Wolfpack Promotionals responded, “Well, let’s make it happen. We are looking forward to working with the new administration on supporting small businesses by improving access to healthcare and benefit programs, as well as other initiatives that grow Main Street economies.”

“We need innovative ideas to help small businesses. Deregulation and tax cuts for corporations starve our communities and harm small businesses,” said Jason Rathe, owner of Field Outdoor Spaces and co- chair of the Main Street Alliance MN.  “We want to see the MinnesotaCare buy-in as a path towards a single-payer system, paid family and medical leave, statewide earned sick and safe time, and more funding for childcare and infrastructure.  We welcome solutions to the labor shortage in our state.”

“As we look ahead to 2019, both newly elected officials and those who held their seats should remember the important role Main Street businesses play in our country. Small businesses are at the heart of successful communities and help build a strong local and national economy by creating secure, well-paid jobs. Tonight’s results demonstrate widespread support among small business owners and the general public for policies that strengthen our economy,” said Corinne Horowitz, MN State Director of the Main Street Alliance.

Main Street business owners were also relieved that voters have clearly pushed back against racism, hate and divisive politics in this election.

We have elected candidates who will fight for our diverse community and for American values of inclusion,” said Danny Schwartzman, owner of Common Roots Cafe. “This is a core value for us, but it’s also a business issue. We are supporting our employees, our customers, and our community, many of whom are under attack by the Trump administration and their allies.”

Our elected officials should seize this opportunity to improve our policies around paid family and medical leave, health care, taxes, immigration, and more, which in turn will create a level playing field for businesses of every size and strengthen local economies across the country.”

Main Street Alliance Minnesota small business members are available to speak to the press about what this election means to them and our Main Street economy.   



The Main Street Alliance MN works to provide small businesses a voice on the most pressing public policy issues across the nation. Our advocacy promotes vibrant businesses and healthy communities, and fosters leadership development of socially responsible business leaders.


Midterm Election Victories Show The Power of Small Businesses

Washington, DCToday, small business owners and other community members across the country turned out in droves to cast their ballots for candidates supporting Main Street.

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Vote For Candidates who Deliver for Main Street Businesses

Do politicians really care about people like me — a small business owner, a woman, and a mother of three — and my employees? Or will they put the interests of giant corporations and their donors first?

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MN CD-8 Candidates Respond to MN Duluth Members Questions on Key Small Business Issues

Main Street Alliance Minnesota Members Meet with CD-8 Candidate Joe Radinovich and receive questionnaire responses from Pete Stauber.

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Paid Family Leave and Supporting Small Businesses this Election

One of the issues I am concerned about in the election, specifically Governor’s race is electing a candidate who will pass paid family leave legislation.  I was part of the effort to pass earned sick and safe time in Minneapolis and then protect it against preemption at the state level, but it’s not always quite enough for small businesses like mine.Dan and Nathaniel N, a Butter Baker who just came back from paternity leave

Good bakers and cooks are hard to find and keep. I do everything I can to reduce turnover at my cafe, and paying fair wages is part of that.  I was an early adopter of earned sick and safe time when the ordinance came to Minneapolis, and it’s been good for my business. My employees know they will be taken care of, so they are loyal and work hard and that benefits my business.  Last spring, when one of my two full-time bakers found out his partner was pregnant, I was one of the first people to know. They were worried about taking time to be off and wanted to be able to plan.  

While the employee had earned six days worth of paid time off, I decided to pay three weeks paternity leave. Honestly, it cost me quite a bit, and was even more challenging as I had to pay another employee overtime to cover the missing employee’s time. To make up expenses like these, I end up just not paying myself.

It was the right thing to do, and I am glad that the family had that time together, but I can’t imagine doing this for more than one employee in a year.  Restaurants run on a very small profit margin. We need more support for paid family leave to pass next session. I will support candidates who make it easier for small businesses like mine to provide benefits to employees, so people can work at our restaurants and retail shops and still have a high quality of life and access to healthcare and basic benefits like family leave. 

MacArthur and Trump: No clarity or honesty

MSA NJ small business owner, Dan Preston on health care & small business. Originally posted as a Letter to the Editor on November 2, 2018 in Burlington County Times.

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Understanding Earned Paid Sick Time in Michigan: A Guide for Small Business

Michigan Small Business Alliance Releases Report Highlighting New Earned Paid Sick Time Law’s Implications for Small Business

DETROIT, MI— The Michigan Small Business Alliance held a press call today with State Representative Stephanie Chang to discuss the new earned paid sick time legislation and what small business owners can expect from its implementation.

The Alliance also released a new report today that serves as a guide for small business owners to implement the new law and draw on lessons from other localities that have similar laws. The report highlights the necessity for earned sick time, citing that employees’ access to earned sick time improves overall health and productivity in the workplace, increases employee retention and reduces healthcare costs.

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