A Small Business Plan for Jobs: 10 Do's and Don'ts

The Main Street Alliance released an open letter to President Obama outlining a set of small business priorities for supporting small businesses, creating jobs, and bolstering local economies.

The letter includes a list of 10 "do's and don'ts," highlighting five policies that will help small businesses and debunking five that won't.

An excerpt of the letter reads:

"The single most important thing small business owners need to create more jobs is more customers – more demand for our products and services. Not weaker standards for our air and water that jeopardize the health of our workers and customers. Not toothless watchdogs for the financial sector actors that brought down the economy in 2008. Not more tax loopholes and ‘holidays’ for corporate tax dodgers that drain our country’s resources and tilt the playing field against small businesses. What we need most of all is more customers."

Click here to read the full letter.