Attacking Immigrants, Trump Administration Attacks Small Business

Small business stands against DHS’s new guidelines on immigration, which stifle economic growth and tear apart communities.

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new draconian guidelines for immigration enforcement harm small businesses and their employees and destabilize communities.

Today’s two memos from DHS Secretary John Kelly outline alarming prospects for what lay ahead for communities across the country. The guidelines order more aggressive immigration raids, enlisting local police in diminished sanctuary areas. They also foster racial profiling practices by allowing immigration officers to target anyone they deem a risk to public safety or national security, those who commit acts that constitute any “chargeable criminal offense,” and people charged but not convicted of a crime.

The Trump administration’s continued attacks on immigrants have severe economic and social repercussions. As entrepreneurs and job creators, immigrants play an indispensable role in the economy and culture of the US. Main Street Alliance and our member businesses believe America is strongest when it is most inclusive. We are united in our opposition to the Trump administration’s fear-mongering and xenophobia.