Jonathan Fulford: When Senator Collins voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, she voted to discriminate against cancer survivors like me

Johnathan Fulford

After graduating high school, I started a small farm with my brother in Monroe. After having my first child, I started a building company, and I have spent the last 30 years raising a family and building a business—and building houses.

For most of my working career I did not have health insurance, and I was fortunate enough to get health insurance when the Affordable Care Act was enacted. A couple years later I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I would not have been able to afford the treatments and surgery I needed if I had not had that insurance.

I am cancer now free, but I need to get regular check-ups to ensure that my cancer does not come back. As a cancer survivor, I have a pre-existing condition. If it were not for the ACA and its protection of people with pre-existing conditions, I would not be able to afford the treatments necessary if my cancer does come back.

When Senator Collins voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, she voted to go back to the days when we discriminated against people with pre-existing conditions. She voted to discriminate against cancer survivors like me, who, after surviving a battle, would be virtually uninsurable.

Here in America we have some of the world’s most incredible doctors and medical advancements, but without health insurance millions of Americans don’t have access to life-saving health care. There should not be some people who don’t survive an illness just because they cannot afford health insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I can stop worrying about cancer and can focus on growing my business and taking care of my family.

Jonathan Fulford is the owner of Artisan Builders, a second-generation family owned general contracting company with a focus on high-performance homes, based in Maine.

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