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  • Keep Our Families Together and Communities Strong

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    Dear President Trump,

    We, the undersigned small business owners, urge you to keep and protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program (DACA). DACA is a critical boon to our local economies. By expanding the number of eligible working people in our community, DACA allows us to find and hire the best talent for our businesses. By allowing more Americans to work, DACA expands our customer base. DACA allows recipients to invest in our communities and plan for the future. By stabilizing communities and families, DACA has been a critical economic boon to our businesses. We urge you to support small businesses and our communities--maintain DACA for the good our our economy and our country.


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    All Are Welcome Here

    Thank you for taking action to spread the love and welcome everyone in your community! Take the next step by chipping in $5 to support the Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business owners who are fighting to make our communities more inclusive and welcoming.

    Changing an environment in which we are frightened of our neighbors and exclude valuable members of our communities is not only the right thing to do, it's good for business. Main Street Alliance members also support policies that make our communities better through working towards racial and economic justice including affordable healthcare and a livable wage. Our small business owners’ advocacy has been crucial to victories at the state and local levels across the country.

    Your $5 contribution will help our small business owners make their voices heard by policymakers as they advocate for prosperous local economies, public investment, and good government.

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    Monthly Contribution

    Thank you for making a monthly contribution to support our work to make small businesses thrive in partnership with our communities. We bring business owners and leaders together for the common good. 

    Right now, we're working to pass policies that support businesses who are investing in their employees and communities, and stopping extractive business practices that cause havoc on the communities we serve.

    We know that we need to move toward a country that's affordable for families and small businesses to live and thrive in and that it's time to end the practice of making tax payers and small businesses subsidize corporate profits.

    At the Main Street Alliance, we are committed to elevating the voices of small business owners in support of policies that support our communities.

    Thank you for your support.


  • Download the Poster and Sign the Statement!

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    11.17_Hate_Has_No_Biz_Here_Jpeg.jpgClick HERE to download the poster to place in your shop or office window and sign the statement! 

    Want to really spread the message? Click HERE to order posters in bulk and have them shipped to you.

    The member businesses of the Main Street Alliance and our fellow small business owners throughout the country are deeply disturbed by hateful rhetoric and violence aimed at our Muslim and Arab community members, at refugees fleeing violence, at immigrants, at women and at people of color in our communities.  This swell of hate and fear permeating our national dialogue both during and after the most recent election is dangerous. We believe it must be met head-on with clear statements of principle from local business owners because we are leaders in our communities. 

    America must be a place where people from all nations, races, genders, and creeds seeking freedom and opportunity feel welcome and can build safe, prosperous lives for themselves and their families. When politicians and pundits target people in our communities for political gain, when they fan the flames of hatred and fear, when they attack our neighbors, friends, family members, fellow business owners, employees, and customers, we must stand up and make our voices and our values heard loud and clear: 

    We stand united against hate and violence. We stand with our Muslim community members and we stand with refugees and immigrants in our community. We respect women and we value Black lives. We welcome everyone. There is no place for hate in our businesses, our homes, or in our country. 

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    Call 888-804-8311 now - Stop the TPP

    No TPP

    Call 888-804-8311 NOW

    Stop the TPP

    The Main Street Alliance opposes the TPP. We're for trade, after all, many of our local economies rely on international trade to thrive--but we want to be sure to that the trade policies we pass help create economy-boosting jobs, ensure workplace protections, and environmental standards. We want to create a global race to the TOP, not to the bottom.

    If the TPP was good for small business owners they wouldn’t need to use Fast Track to push it through. A good trade deal would pass through Congress on its own. Instead of Fast Track, small business owners want a trade policy that’s not made behind closed doors by the largest corporations.  Trade policy that works for businesses of all sizes must be open to input, debate, and amendment.  

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    I am a proud Main Street small business owner, and I oppose the TPP because:

    • The TPP would forbid the U.S. or other partners from forcing foreign firms to set up operations in the states in order to provide services. This means that corporations in other countries could provide services to the U.S. without employing any American workers.
    • Trade policies like the TPP put downward pressure on wages because overseas companies can pay their workers pennies on the dollar compared to American workers.
    • The TPP could cause the loss of 600,000 U.S. jobs in the manufacturing sector alone, while the broader impact is still unknown.
    • The TPP would allow foreign corporations to sue governments directly over any domestic environmental law that hurts or threatens a corporations expected future profits.
    • The TPP would compromise access to life saving medications by extending patent rights for the manufacturers.
    • America’s small business owners are sick and tired of trade policy made by and for the global corporations—trade policy that does nothing more than push us out of the market and make it harder to grow our businesses.
    • The TPP is just another broken U.S. trade policy.  It’s bad for American business and it’s bad for America.

    I support trade policies that:

    • Aren't negotiated behind closed doors, and instead allow for debate, transparency and collaboration
    • Ensure global environmental and workplace protections
    • Helps create economy-boosting jobs here at home
    • And that drive a global race to the top, not the bottom.




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    Sign the petition: Proud to be an American Business Pledge

    Proud to be an American Business Pledge

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    I am proud to be the owner of an American business. I pledge not to abandon my community and my country by moving my business registration offshore to reduce my tax bill.

    My business depends on good schools, reliable public infrastructure, uniform rules that ensure we all compete on a level playing field, standards that guarantee my products are safe, and courts that protect my contracts and intellectual property.

    My taxes help pay for the public investments and services that every business in America depends on.

    I am proud to pay my fair share to strengthen our economy and support America.

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