Karim Bouris, San Diego Director, brings close to 20 years of experience in international business and community-based organizations, where he developed programs to address critical economic, workforce, community and education needs.

Karim is responsible for launching the San Diego chapter of the Main Street Alliance, Prior to MSA, he held leadership positions at community-based organizations for more than a dozen years, before starting Blues Scale Group in 2014 to support the growth and sustainability of cause-driven organizations.  He’s developed, implemented and evaluated the effectiveness of initiatives that provide education, training, support and empowerment to disadvantaged communities. 

Karim’s been leading strategic policy initiatives since 2007 – first focused on improving the transition of young people out of the child welfare system, then focused on self-sufficiency issues. He is committed to collaborative, evidence-based strategies and motivated by the potential of the non-profit sector to be innovative, forward-thinking change agents for our community’s most pressing social challenges.   He has a masters in business administration (University of Denver), and completed his undergraduate studies in psychology (University of Denver & University of Paris-X, France).

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 Executive Committee


Mikey Knab - Ponce's Mexican Restaurant
Executive Committee Chair

"Main Street Alliance has given me the opportunity to connect with other business owners and operators who believe in social justice and long term investment in our community.  We're not driven merely by short term profits, but rather a vibrant, healthy, diverse society where all can thrive."



Emily Wilkinson - Wilkinson Mazzeo

"Joining Main Street Alliance has been one of the most empowering things I have done as a business owner.  ​It has given me a voice as a socially responsible small business owner -- creating opportunities to get involved in local policy-making, to connect with like-minded business owners, and to ​gain exposure for my business through local campaigns."



Jamie Hampton - Mixte Communications

"Main Street Alliance San Diego puts me front and center with other like-minded businesses that want to use our influence to change our communities. This mission-driven organization is exactly what I needed to channel my need to take action that makes a real difference."



Natalie Gill - Native Poppy

I love being a part of Main Street Alliance because it allows me to serve my community in bigger and more meaningful ways. i feel immense satisfaction from knowing that we are working hard to change policies that improve the lives of the people living in our communities. What's good for our community is ultimately good for business, and when my business is able to thrive I am able to give back that much more. 


Brad Keiller - Nomad Donuts

Almost half of San Diego's workforce is employed by small business with less than 50 employees, yet an individual company with 10,000 employees has a much greater voice than all small businesses combined. Main Street Alliance brings us together and gives us a voice so we can take part in shaping policy - and supporting the communities that support us.



Juan Pablo Sanchez - Super Cocina

"Main Street Alliance provides me with a voice and a collective power to pursue not only values and ideas, but also policies that benefit my business and the social health of my community."


Brian Haghighi - Fruitcraft 

"Through our time in business we have been a part of various associations. None of them are as important to us and as impactful as being part of the Main Street Alliance. Being a member is a direct extension of our business mission: to unleash the power of enterprise as a force for good. Being in a group of other like-minded businesses to accomplish real change feels great.
Together, we can. Go Main Street!"


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