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  • Reflecting on working with small business owners

    Kristy Cheung, a recent Communications graduate of the University of Washington, completed her summer internship with the Main Street Alliance of Washington. The following is her reflection on her experience working with small business owners on the issues of health care and immigration. 

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  • Main Street Member Jason Miller Speaks out on Healthcare

    Auburn small business owner and Main Street Alliance member, Jason Miller, believes health care is “a basic human right.” He stood up for this value yesterday, at a joint press event between Main Street Alliance of Washington and partner organization WashingtonCAN.


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  • published Trump Budget in Blog 2017-05-25 12:13:31 -0700

    Small businesses can't afford the Trump budget plan

    Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business coalitions working to build a new voice for small businesses on important public policy issues, released this statement on President Trump’s budget:

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  • published Protect Local Democracy in Minnesota 2017-04-10 19:58:48 -0700

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    As small business owners, we are engaged with our local elected officials on policies that impact our businesses, our customers and our employees. This legislative session, corporate interests and lobbyists who claim to represent small businesses are pushing bills aimed to take away the power of our local governments, community groups and citizens  We call on Governor Dayton to VETO any bill that includes preemption, and takes away control from our local communities to govern.  

    Plastic Bag Ban: HF1504 and SF1195 (Currently in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus Bill SF 723 and Taxes Omnibus Bill HF 4 and Jobs and Energy Omnibus Bill SF 1937) would roll back rights of cities to place a ban or fee on disposable bags, including the Minneapolis ordinance set to go into effect June 1, 2017.  These fees and bans are powerful tools for communities to protect the health of their residents from the problems created by the production, use and disposal of plastic bags, which disproportionally impact communities of color and low income communities. 

    Sick & Safe Time:  HF 600 / SF 580 would roll back sick time protections for over 150,000 workers, making those workers once again have to choose between a paycheck and caring for their health and family.  

    We call on Governor Dayton to veto these "local preemption" bills to protect our democracy and our families.


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MSA/MSA Action Fund is a national network of small biz coalitions that create opps for real small business owners to speak for themselves.


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